We proudly provide a teacher-training course also that includes a certain number of skilled professionals. The interactively theoretical classes are arranged thrice in a week (Thursday, Friday. Saturday) and one to one growth session with each student is arranged that is considered as one of the most important part of this course. Besides, this course involves full day workshops.

Instruction for Applicants

  • This specific course has 4 modules
  • Candidates who will not be able to complete the 4 modules will not be considered as eligible to get rewarded
  • A practical file must be made by each of the candidates about Montessori methodology and art files
  • Maintaining 80% attendance in classes is compulsory
  • Taking part in workshops to prepare reading materials and story aids is also mandatory

A Brief about the Training Module

(Module 1)
Sensorial practical, Language practical and Epl practical with theoretical classes will be provided in this module.

(Module 2)
In this module, Montessori Theory and Psychology will be taught. Besides, the practical classes about sensorial, language and arithmetic will also be continued.

(Module 3)
Apart from the subjects from module 2 including language and sensorial practical, so many subjective will be introduced in this module such as vocabulary book, Art file and hand work, Material file and each and every type of objective questions.

(Module 4)
The most important and mandatory lessons will be provided in this module. First of all, the lessons about classroom management will be provided that will include a workshop on the qualities of a teacher. Besides, lessons upon behaviour management and resource management is also one of the most important part of this module. On the other hand, lessons about workshops, Micro teaching, lesson plan, Observation and school administration is also provided in this specific training module.

Those who are serving the school with respect

Coordinator of the course
Tapati Gupta
B.A.(English Hons.) Montessorian
(Association Montessori Internationale, Holland)
Coordinator of the course
Purna Mookerji
B.A. Montessorian
(Association Montessori Internationale, Holland)
Coordinator of the course
Santwana Basu
M.A. (Psychology) Montessorian
(Calcutta Montessori Training Centre)
Faculty Member
Noor Ashfaque
B.A. & B.T. from
Loreto House
Faculty Member
Sanjukta Chakraborty
Faculty Member
Sushmita Chatterjee
M.SC. Psychology
M.A. Philosophy
Coordinator (CHIP) Children in Pain
Faculty Member
Saswati Datta
Double M.A., M.Ed
Vidyanjali International School