We, Casa Dei Bambini, started our journey in the year 2000 and since that time, we have played a key role to help a gigantic number of kids express their brilliance and excellence. We believe, although children are highly imaginative, yet this is important to give a shape to their imagination.

‘Casa Dei Bambini’ can undoubtedly be considered as one of those schools that focus on teaching methods more than anything else. We believe, constant and restless flow of teaching may seem a bit boring or unacceptable for some specific kinds of students, and that can be considered as one of the prime reasons why most of our teachers are also having sound knowledge about child-psychology. In brief, teaching them subjects through the topics that they are interested in.

The prime medium of teaching our students has always been the international language, English. Transport is considerably available for our students. The school timing starts from 9.30 AM and gets finished in 12.30 PM. We consider only the children eligible to get admitted who are within 18 months to 5 years in age.

Facilities We Provide

  1. Digitally configured Classroom
  2. World-class Curriculum
  3. Multi age grouping
  4. Skilled and experienced Montessori teachers
  5. 1:15 ratio of teachers and students

Additional Advantages of choosing us

  • We offer genuine interview practice to our beloved students in the presence of guardians.
  • We include enjoyable swimming practices during the summer season.
  • We arrange parent-teacher meeting compulsorily on pre-decided days.
  • We encourage children to actively take part in physical exercises with dance and music.
  • We represent a portrait of our apparatus with complete explanation next to students.
  • We provide observation report cards at the end of almost every session.
  • Apart from all these, multimedia playground is one of our most advanced features.

Rules and Regulations

There are some specific rules to be followed as it is known to all that no organizations including schools can be maintained in a proper manner without obeying some specific dos and don’ts.

  • Guardians are sincerely advised to collect forms at a genuine time.
  • Carrying original birth certificate is mandatorily essential
  • Two copies of Identity cards will be provided by the school authority
  • The identity card will remain attached with the uniform
  • In case the card is lost, a duplicate card can be requested
  • The children are not allowed to roam outside without the card under any circumstances
  • Any kind of physical illness of any students should be pro-actively informed to us by the parents
  • In case of any concerning issue, a discussion is strongly recommended with the principal

Mentionable Instructions for interested Applicants and Guardians

  • Uniform will be provided by the school authority. The order should be placed responsibly and the uniform must be collected from school.
  • Undergarments should be made of pure cotton with elastic gripping system to avoid a strong and tight touch
    Sending a Napkin, a set of full dress inside a plastic bag and a water bottle with the kids everyday is mandatory
  • The shoes must be comfortable
  • Full names should be written in each and every thing that a child is carrying
  • Only dry tiffin should be sent with the children, something they would like to have
  • The span of 9.30am-12.00PM is considered as visiting hours
  • The list of holidays will be decided by the authority and supplied accordingly

Do you think 1year 6 months is the right age to send your child to school?

Every child in this world born with the same number of neurones. And from the 1st month only she/he starts connecting with all those connections. Recent research work on brain development says:

When the child reaches to his 3rd year of life he has more neurones than you and me. That means when a child goes for a health check up at his age one he has more neurones than adults but they don’t have the language. We create through activities an environment where we can Stimulate through eye contact, language and warmth of love and affection. So It is always wise that a child should come to us before they can speak .